We specialise mainly around the beautiful towns of Sax, Elda, Petrel, and Villena. The area collectively is known as Vinalopo Alta which refers to the river that runs through the valley. The area is serviced by the main motorway connecting Alicante and Madrid. The Vinalopo Valley offers spectacular mountain views, and is only 30 minute’s drive inland of the white beaches of Alicante, and the international airport.

Public transport links are often high on the purchase criteria for clients, and in the area we have everything. Regular bus services, conventional train stations connecting Alicante and Madrid. There is also a nearby station for the high speed railway which will link Europe, and already links many major cities. Alicante airport offers a vast number of destinations, and some of the lowest flight prices in Europe being accessed by all major budget operators. Many clients pay as little as 300 euros per year to store a vehicle next to the airports so when visiting they can drive straight to their second property with no fuss.

Benidorm and its theme parks and unique attractions are less than 1 hours’ drive away, whilst a selection of huge national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty are on our doorstep. This is an area ideal for walking and mountain biking. Golf courses are a short drive away. Sax, Elda, Petrel, and Villena are all traditional Spanish market towns with a wealth of history that is remembered and celebrated enthusiastically by the local residents. Each town looks forward to their annual fiestas. Throughout the years for one week it is normal practice to see locals dressed up as either Moroccan or Christian soldiers, marching through the narrow streets with muskets acting out the battles of years gone by. Combining gun powder with large quantities of alcohol doesn’t seem an ideal combination, but it really is good fun.

During these two weeks it’s not uncommon to be invited from off the streets into a “caurtalillo” which is a property owned by a group of revellers where you will be offered food and wine. This is the main fiesta celebrated by each town for this area. (each town has a separate date which won’t clash with the others) They really are spectacles not to be missed, outstanding costumes are worn, cannon and musket shots resonate from the streets and castle, whilst music bands accompany each group of soldiers. It is great entertainments for all of the family. You will need to keep your diary up to date because the Spanish do like their fiestas and throughout the year there is always something being celebrated in one of the local towns !

This area has not yet attracted investment money from large companies, and hence there are very low cost properties still available. It is however becoming increasingly popular as an area for holiday homes and hence has amazing investment potential Many of our clients are searching for a different way of life. Most of our clients embrace the culture here, and if you do too it won’t be long before your sharing a Sunday Paella with a Spanish family.

The types of property, which people buy here, are somewhat different to the coast too. We don’t tend to sell many properties on urbanisations. Prices here are less than half the Spanish average. Achieving your dream home may be more affordable than you think. Not everyone searches for luxury Villas, and we actually sell more renovation projects out in the country, town houses and apartments, than new build, and off plan. We invite you to come and find out more about the area yourself. You will not be disappointed. You can contact us and we can help with accommodation, directions etc. We know the area will sell itself.